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Fukamushi Sencha Megapack with Kyusu

Fukamushi Sencha Megapack with Kyusu

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Begin your journey into the world of deep steamed teas with the right tools. With the Fukamushi teapot, not only will you have a richer tasting experience, you will also have an easier time pouring the tea into the glass. This set comes with 6 fantastic deep steamed teas, plus a teapot to prepare them.

Tetera Fukamushi

Specially designed to avoid clogging when you pour Fukamushi teas! This special teapot has a built-in cylindrical metal strainer so that the water can move around the tea leaves instead of clogging. Deep steamed teas are beautifully smooth and sweet, but they have finer leaf particles that can clog the filters of traditional teapots.

Esta tetera puede contener 400 mililitros de agua

Murasaki Sencha 100g

This beautiful deep green Fukamushi Sencha brings a powerful sweet and hearty flavor to the palate. This tea is strong and full-bodied without lingering on the side of astringency or bitterness. Because this is a deep steamed tea, the liquid becomes a dark cloudy green color with a smoother and milder taste. The tea also picks up a slight fruitiness and sweetness to it. Fukamushi teas are also great as a cold brew, creating a pleasant fruity infusion that is perfect to enjoy outside.

Steeping: 60 degrees C/ 140 degrees F for 45-60 seconds. Can be steeped up to 6 times at 20 seconds each

Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha 100g

This is a sweet deep steamed sencha from southern Japan. The first steeping is very light and sweet, with a pleasant note of edamame towards the end. The second steeping becomes more bold and full-bodied, with the sweet corn note from the first steeping subsiding and the edamame note beginning to develop more and more. From steeping to steeping, the tea develops more of a vegetal flavor and less of a sweetness. This change leads to a tasting experience that evolves from the first steeping to the third, creating 3 entirely unique cups of tea. You can also continue to brew the tea longer without it losing flavor. Even after the 5th steeping you will notice a vibrant green color and a full-bodied flavor to the tea.

Steeping: 60 degrees C/ 140 degrees F for 45-60 seconds. Can be steeped up to 6 times at 20 seconds each

Nuruki Shincha 100g

This tea comes from the South of Japan on the island of Kyushu. Shincha is one of the most prized teas in Japan because it is made from the very top leaves of the tea plant and it is the first tea to be harvested. This makes the tea not only of exceptionally high quality, but also it is the first tea available from each harvest. As a result, people in Japan wait all year to try this very special tea. The Shincha from Nuruki is incredibly sweet and smooth. The liquor is a beautiful jade green color and it is quite dense with a thick mouthfeel. This tea transforms into a light sweet corn note in the second and third brewing, and it really is a light, sweet and enjoyable tea for both beginners and tea masters alike.

Steeping: 60 degrees C/ 140 degrees F for 45-60 seconds. Can be steeped up to 6 times at 20 seconds each

Fukamushi Yamaga no Sato 100g

Fukamushicha, otherwise known as a "deep steamed tea" has a wonderful flavor that is truly unique. Due to the extra steaming, the tea takes on a darker hue of green and a more powerful vegetal flavor. The umami note you experience is similar to that of a Gyokuro, and the astringency you might find in a Shincha. The tea is made by blending the Yabukita cultivar with the Asatsuyu. What makes the Yamaga unique is that it also takes on a nice fruity flavor, similar to that of lychee berry. You may also notice a hint of papaya and making as well. These fruity notes are particularly prevalent when the tea is brewed cold.

Steeping: 60 degrees C/ 140 degrees F for 45-60 seconds. Can be steeped up to 6 times at 20 seconds each

Henta Sencha Saemidori 100g

The Sencha Henta Saemidori is a work of art. The thick, syrupy mouthfeel of this tea weighs heavy on the palate, hitting you with a strong sweet sweetness that later gives way to a complex fruitiness. There is a little bit of a starchy or nutty note to this tea, but it is easily overpowered by the playful fruitiness that comes in later. The steamed vegetable notes give this tea a longer finish, with a lingering aftertaste that’s not astringent.

Zenkouen Superior Sencha

Como té más seco, este Sencha comienza con unas suaves y ligeras notas de cereales, y termina con un poco de cítricos, hierba de limón y paja. El té es seco y ligeramente astringente, sin ser amargo. Se puede notar un poco de fruncido en el paladar, lo que no resta valor al té, sino que lo realza. El final de la primera infusión es ligero y agradable para la boca, sin persistir mucho más de 5-10 segundos. La sensación en boca de este té es más bien fina.

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