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Red Kyusu Teapot

Red Kyusu Teapot

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If you want to brew Japanese green tea in the traditional way, you must use a Kyusu teapot. This red tokoname kyusu is a great way to start exploring the world of Japanese green tea. It is a glazed teapot so it doesn't disrupt the flavor too much and it has an easy to clean metal sifter around the edges so that the tea leaves don't end up inside your glass. The reason we recommend using the kyusu is that it provides the maximum amount of space for the leaves to open up and fully release their flavor.

How to Use it

Add 5 grams of leaves to the teapot and then pour in 150ml to 200ml of water (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and let the tea brew for 1 minute and then pour it out into a glass.

How is it Made?

This teapot is made from a natural clay called "Tatsuchi" and then it is fired in a kiln for 12 hours at 1,150 degrees C until it is hardened. The teapot is then fired a second time to ensure it has been hardened completely. The end result is a beautifully smooth and durable teapot that is ideal for all types of sencha, bancha, gyokuro and kukicha.

How Big is this Teapot?

This teapot can hold 400 milliliters of water at maximum capacity. This is large compared to most Kyusu teapots and can be used to brew tea for 2 or more people

Made in China

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